Monday, February 6, 2012

Glee (2009 TV) Part II

By DionysusPsyche

Favorite characters
Finn, because he always tries to be the big man and bring everybody together (he fails on a couple of episodes). My second favorite is Kurt, who I didn't start out liking, but over time he grew on me especially as he allowed himself to mature and overcome bullying. My last favorite character is Brittany, the dumb blonde, because she has all the best lines. Instead of the below quotations, I could just fill them all up with things she's said, however that wouldn't be a good idea of the different characters. Below is one quote from each of the main characters.

The star Rachel Berry (Lea Michele): At least I didn't fall and break my talent.
The ever fabulous gay kid Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer): You need to call me before you dress yourself. You look like a technicolor zebra. And I look like I'm a part of it. It looks like I planned it..."
Heart throb Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith): The guys said if I took the Glee club photo, they'd make me choose between a Hitler mustache and buck teeth. And I can't rock either of those looks.
The conniving Barbie Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron): People think you're gay now, Finn. And you know what that makes me? Your big, gay beard!
The impressively unintelligent Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris): I don't brush my teeth. I rinse my mouth out with soda after I eat. I was pretty sure Dr Pepper was a dentist.
The director in a wheelchair Artie Abrahms (Kevin McHale): He's never late. He runs like an expensive Swiss watch reproduced cheaply in China.
Bad boy Noah Puckerman aka Puck (Mark Salling): The wheelchair kid's right. That Rachel chick makes me want to light myself on fire, but she can sing.
The attitude queen Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera): Well, congratulations. Normally you dress like a fantasy of a perverted Japanese business man with a very dark specific fetish, but I actually dig this look. Yay. 
Glee coach Will Shuester (Matthew Morrison): My father always said you'd become a man when you bought your first house. I'm not sure what he meant though, because he burned ours down during a drunken fight with mom.

The show goes both ways. If you want an instant win, you can watch clips or just the songs. It helps to watch in necessary order, but that order isn't necessarily great. There's always a "previously on Glee," but they tend to be brief and occasionally leave out plot points where I've missed episodes and been lost. Whenever the team competes, there are a ton of excellent songs which cuts down the drama by half the episode. If you're a fan of show choir, musicals, and songs of all types, this show is for you. If drama, catty fights, and pointed statements about religion and sexuality make you uncomfortable, I wouldn't recommend it.

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